Welcome to FINAT Consulting

FINAT consulting is a firm providing Accounting, Audit and Tax advisory support services required for a company or non-profit organization.

What we Offer?

FINAT consulting offers a range of services including Entrepreneurial Business Services such as accounting and related services, financial planning and advice, and payroll services and advice. We also offer advisory services on corporate governance & internal audit, provide services in preparation for external audit, and taxation services.

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of modern day accounting, audit and tax advisory services to small and medium enterprises, NGO’s and individuals that wish to save time and money by keeping a lean/ no finance department.

Our Mission

We are a client driven, innovative and convenient providers of high quality standard of modern day Accounting, Audit, Tax and business advisory solutions.


1. Commitment
2. Quality
3. Integrity
4. Accountability
5. Teamwork

Our Portfolio

Some of the clients who have benefitted from our services for sometime include commercial companies and non-profit NGOs, as shown below.

What Our Clients & Partners Say

Below is is just one of the many examples of testimonies from one of our clients and partners that we have worked with over the recent years.


As a new chairity organization, the finance team at the Secretariat of the First Web Foundation were very impressed with the personalised pro bono professional service and accounting advice given to them, and how you tailored this specifically to suit the organization's situation and future needs. As a token of appreciation, the team had had no choice but to provide FINAT with all their website and otehr online needs for free in return.

George Mwika Kayange - First Web Founder

Latest News & Updates

Here, we share with you some of the interesting news and updates taking place in the field of business and finance here in Malawi as well as globally. Please note, however, that FINAT Consulting shall not be held responsible for any erroneous or factually wrong content provided in the external links.

Doing Business in Africa: Young, Fast Growing, and Urbanising

Doing business in Africa

What exactly is the reality of doing business in Africa? Is the business environment filled with only crisis and conflicts or are there possibilities that could get even bigger with the rate of urbanisation, rising incomes and increasingly better governance practices on the continent? That is, is the glass-half-full or half-empty?

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